Magic Mushroom Grow Kits – 5 x All in One Mushroom Grow Bags

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What is the best way to produce magic mushrooms? Easy.

Start growing magic mushrooms right away with the USA’s quickest psychedelic mushroom growing kit!


5 pound packages of the most simple mushroom-growing method ever devised. The compact size ensures a quicker colonization time and a shorter wait for fruits! 2cc of spore solution per bag is recommended. The majority of spore syringes are 12cc in size.

The magic mushroom, also known as shrooms, is Psilocybe Cubensis. Whatever you choose to call them, they’re making a comeback in medicine, proving that microdosing saves and improves many lives. Many individuals now need to know how to produce psychedelic mushrooms for the medical benefits they give, thanks to the recent adoption of microdosing. The issue is that mushroom kits are frequently misunderstood and prone to problems.

This has been shown to produce high-quality mushrooms in large quantities. The mushrooms in the BOOM Shroom Mushroom grow bags erupt. Grow everything you’ll need quickly and easily. No prior experience or equipment is required.

Each All in One Magic Mushroom Grow Bag is a complete psilocybin mushroom cultivation kit.
The 1 pound Magic Mushroom Grow Bags are a self-contained habitat capable of producing a large crop of mushrooms and then continuing to fruit for weeks! There’s no need to open it until you’re ready to harvest the first time; simply inject your magic mushroom spores (not supplied) and wait.

When it comes to transitioning from spores to fruits, small size mixed with high nutritional density allows for the fastest growth.

What to Look for in a Mushroom Growing Kits

Different kits come with different equipment, but they all allow you to grow mushrooms in a container (typically a box, bag, or jar). A substrate should be included in every kit. The material that feeds the mushrooms is known as the substrate (think of it as soil for fungi). While whole Reddit threads have been dedicated to arguing the optimum substrate material, most substrates are made up of some sort of grain.

Mushrooms don’t merely appear when they’re ready in the substrate; they sprout from the mycelium, a white, fluffy substance that serves as the mushroom’s root system. The mycelium must grow before it can create mushrooms, much as a plant must root and sprout before it can flower. (The nomenclature can be confusing, but when choosing a grow kit, keep in mind the progression of container > substrate > mycelium > mushrooms.)

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