Blazei Brazilian Cap Mushrooms


Blazei Mushrooms

Blazei (also called “Brazilian Cap”) mushrooms are stout and sturdy with a uniquely sweet, almond-like flavor that complements its savory mushroom essence.



  • Light to medium brown
  • Irregularly shaped and sized pieces
  • Includes stem and cap
  • Mildly flavored with earthy, almost smoky notes
  • Length ranges from about 2.5 inches up to 6 inches long
  • Stipes (stems) may be hollow, especially in larger mushrooms

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Blazei Brazilian Cap Mushrooms

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It’s not often you find a mushroom this unique. One that stands out amongst a room of savory shrooms and says, “Hey, I’m special. I demand more attention and you are going to give it to me.” And, so, we shall. Not because we have to, but because it deserves it.

 The Blazei is a trend-in-waiting, the undiscovered star, and a hip new ingredient waiting to happen. This is due to its almond-like flavor. The smell of these dehydrated mushrooms is all must and neglected attics. The flavor is slightly salty and similar to that of a raw almond both at the start and the finish. The Blazei Brazilian cap mushroom is an ideal addition to lighter soups, salads, or perhaps to serve with wild duck or pheasant.


Blazei mushrooms are small to medium in size, growing individually or in clusters, and have a rounded, convex cap and a stout shape. The smooth cap ranges in color from white, brown, to grey and has silk-like fibers that develop into tiny scales as the mushroom matures. The color of the cap can also transition into a yellow hue if the flesh is bruised. Under the cap, the gills begin as white, turn to pink, and then to brown with age and are compactly arranged, growing closely together. The cap connects to a truncated earthen white stem that is semi-thick, spongy, and crumbly in consistency. When young, the stem or stipe is dense, but as it ages, it becomes hollow. Blazei Brazilian Cap Mushrooms have a unique almond, marzipan-like aroma, and a green, earthy, and nutty flavor.

Nutritional Value

Blazei mushrooms contain significant amounts of beta-glucans, which are naturally occurring polysaccharides known to help support overall healthy immune function.


 The sweet almond-like flavor of Blazei mushrooms pairs well with mild, fresh cheeses, herbs, ginger, pumpkin, tofu, seabass, fillet, rice, and Asian greens. They will keep for a couple of days when stored in a paper bag in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to store in plastic as it will increase the rate of deterioration.


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